Villa Il Fedino Suites, a special place.
Luxurious Suites in an elegant 14th century building
in the heart of Chianti.

"Luxurious Suites in an elegant fourteenth-century building"

Enjoy an exclusive stay immersed in the green hills of the Chianti Classico area.


In a splendid scenario, in the midst of Chianti’s hills and vineyards, Villa Il Fedino stands out for her fascinating centuries long history. The imposing mansion was built at the end of the fourteenth century under the name of “Palazzo del Fedino”, form the name of the Fedini family, who owned and inhabited the villa for decades.
The history of Il Fedino is a long and rich one: from the Fedini’s the ownership went to the Ridolfi’s and then to the Mancini family. During that period, at the turn of the 18th century, the manor house was frequently visited by the famous Italian poet and writer Gabriele D’Annunzio. The Palazzo del Fedino then passed to the Burroni family, which brief ownership ended with the selling of the villa to Gustavo Checcucci, to the descendants of whom the villa still belongs. After extensive and careful renovation, this authentic period villa has maintained its original charm, while able to accommodate guests in elegant and ample suites provided with the very best of modern comfort.


“Just after leaving the roman borough, now called Borgo Sarchiani, walking down the provincial road, one encounters on the left side of the street an antique and grand villa that still maintains the majestic and austere aspect of antiquity, while being immersed in an elegant garden.
This villa (…) belonged to the Ridolfi family, which received it from the Fedini family. Having inhabited the villa for a very long time they gave the mansion the name it still bears today of “Palazzo del Fedino”. Descendants of a founder called Feo, son of Dino (Feo di Dino), this important family had many distinguished personalities among its members, at the time of the Florentine Republic, many of them with charges of great responsibility. They were Palatine Counts, a title bestowed by the Emperor John VIII Palaiologos to Brancazio di Michele, a Priore at the times of the Florentine Council. Niccolò di Bernardo Fedini bought this imposing palazzo in 1581 from Roberto di Ottaviano Acciajuoli who had it acquired in 1577, from Lucrezia wife of Leonardo de’ Nobili. To this Lucrezia the house was sold in 1535 by Agnolo di Marco Baroncelli, so that this family, eminent and immensely rich, is the first ancient owner of the villa, which was then called Palazzo of Baccano or Borgiano.”
(from G.Carocci)


At Villa il Fedino, in a truly unique historical setting, you can enjoy the flavors of Italian breakfast

The garden of Villa Il Fedino

Villa Il Fedino is immersed in a splendid garden with old trees and terraces where breakfast is served, overlooking the hills to enjoy an unforgettable view of the Chianti vineyards.